12th May 2024

Sports Report – April 2024

Sports Report – April 2024

Football – Year 3/4 Boys – Frenford FC

RESULT: Churchfields 1st Place Champions


“I feel we played well. If we hadn’t had our team we would have lost because our team was the best team ever! The weather was great and the pitch was good.”

By Casey, Year 4


“We played multiple schools. Some were hard and some were easier to play against. We had to try our best and also we didn’t worry if we lost, because we played well. We won it. It was a beautiful, sunny day which was perfect for a football tournament, It was a bit cold but none of us really cared! It was an absolute bonus for it not to rain. We pushed through and won it with beautiful weather.”

By Aidan, Year 4


Football – Year 5/6 Girls – Woodbridge High

RESULT: Churchfields win 15-0


“I think that our team used a lot of effective communication. I went in goal for my fifth time in my life and I didn’t let a single goal in! Thanks to my brother Yusaf, as he coached me while I was in goal! The day was really fun as it was our first match.”

By Asiya, Year 5


“I think the team played really well. The day was really exciting and, as we did our best, we were very happy with the win!”

By Mary, Year 5


Football – Year 5/6 Boys – Shield Academy

RESULT: Churchfields win 17-0


“We played well and I’m happy with my performance. It was a very windy day and that impacted the flight of the ball and how it bounced. As we came into the second half, we had to prove a point and we did, but if we played like that the whole game the score would have been even higher!”

By Henry, Year 6


“I had a few shots on target but the keeper saved them. Although I didn’t score, we won as a team and we can keep our heads up high with pride.”

By Stevie, Year 6