Why Do We Teach Spelling?

When we enable children to spell  with confidence we equip them with a life skill that is highly valued by employers. Spelling is assesses in the end of Key Stage assessments, along with grammar and punctuation.


Children who receive regular “Guided Spelling” sessions enjoy investigating spelling rules and spotting patterns while learning about the meaning of new words the their etymology. They are set spellings each week that are learnt in class and as part of homework.

How Do We Teach Spelling?

Children have Guided Spelling sessions within school. These lessons consist of 10-20 minutes of spelling activities and allow children to investigate and learn the rules, strategies and meanings behind the words taught each week.


For all spelling activities children are encouraged to use joined up handwriting. This allows the brain to memorise the movement and pattern in writing as well as remembering the lettering itself.

How Can I Help My Child with Spelling?

You can help your child at home by helping them to learn to use the new words they are learning in context. Help them to understand what each word means and how it can be used day to day and in their written work.


You could also ask them to explain to you any patterns and spelling rules they have identified.

Spelling Elements

Guided Group Work

Children have spelling sessions in class, guided by the class teacher, within the school day. These consist of ten to twenty minutes of spelling activities and allow children to investigate and learn the rules, strategies and meanings behind the words taught each week. Children develop an understanding of both the context in which words are used, how they are spelt and in some cases the origin of the word.

Dictionary Work

Once a week children must complete dictionary work to help understand the meaning of words they are studying. Once they have located words and researched their meaning they write sentences to show the words in context. Children are then encouraged to use these new words in their wider weekly writing tasks.