22nd July 2023

Sophie & Elena’s Karate Success

Sophie & Elena’s Karate Success

“Last year, Elena and I only got a bronze medal (3rd place), but this year we did absolutely better by getting a gold medal (1st place). The competition was at Caterham High School’s hall just like last year. The judges were just the same as last year but different pairs. Our teacher – Sensei Tom – was one of the judges along with a lady. Sensei Tom and the lady weren’t our judges – we were judged by two other male judges on the other side of the hall.”

By Sophie, Year 5


“So it started at roughly 1:30pm on Sunday 10th July. When I first stepped into the ginormous hall, I was full of emotions. I was really nervous because last karate lesson, Sophie couldn’t attend. What if she couldn’t come today either?! Would I have to do the competition by myself?! Luckily, my Mum had Sophie’s number so we called her and she was only two minutes away! Now that we were reassured, I felt a bit better. Now the only thing I was worried about was making a mistake when presenting our kata. A kata is the moves we do in a very specific order. We had about an hour and a half to practice. Once it became time to line up for the official competition, all of my nerves disappeared. It turns out all of our hard work had paid off, and we won… 1st place!”

By Elena, Year 5