3rd June 2022

Seven Acts of Kindness

Seven Acts of Kindness

As part of the seven acts of kindness drive as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations at CJS, Amelie from Year 3 was keen to do a bake sale and donate the proceeds to a good cause.


“I chose Haven House Children’s Hospice because it’s a local charity and we have supported them in the past. I also wanted to do something for the children myself, even if it was just enough money for one new sensory toy”. 


“My mum helped me bake every day after school for a week so we had lots of cakes on the day to sell. My dad helped set up the stall on our drive and my little sister Evie handed out squash. We priced the cakes between 50p and £1.50. My dad told me he would match the total money raised. We sold all the cakes in less than 3 hours and raised £468.50. With my dad’s contribution I will be giving Haven House a total of £937.”


“I hope they will be able to do something nice for the children with that.”