Science at Churchfields Junior School encompasses learning about the physical, chemical and biological aspects of our world (and beyond: one of the Y5 units is ‘Space’). As well learning knowledge about the world around us, pupils are required to work scientifically and investigate complex concepts with increasing skill and independence. By investigating key questions through practical experiments, pupils are encouraged to challenge their preconceptions and what they think they know in order to find the truth. Our science lessons nurture our pupils’ natural curiosity about the world around them and their quest for answers.


How Do We Teach Science?

There are two science lessons every week. As a school, we have invested in high-quality information texts in order for to pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding in science. These texts are used throughout each unit alongside direct instruction, guided practice and independent activities in order to achieve exceptional attainment within these subjects. Each unit of our science curriculum consists of the teaching of technical vocabulary and key facts as well as exploratory and investigative work. Children will learn to record their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways, such as: results tables and graphs, labelled diagrams, classification keys; detailed explanations and photographs. They will also learn the valuable skill of being able to evaluate their results: being able to explain how they arrived at their conclusion and make suggestions for improvements to their experiments.

Illustration of rocks, solar system, magnet and seedling

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Meet the Science Technicians

We are a group of organised individuals that work together to form the Science Technicians. Our role is to keep the science resources for the whole school beautifully organised and ensure that all year groups have regular access to a range of exciting science equipment.

Meet the Gardeners

We are pupils from each year group, who love to be active outdoors, whatever the weather. We meet every week and are keen to develop our skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water. We are learning basic gardening terms and how to use gardening tools.

Weeding the peas in the garden

Beyond the National Curriculum

Our Science Team

Mrs Buckley
Science Leader
Mr Gulabkhan
Science Link Governor