School Meals

We aim to encourage healthy eating and children learn about good nutrition within school. They are encouraged to eat their “5 a day” and drink plenty of water which is freely available around the school site. Children are encouraged to eat a piece of fruit at break times.


Pupils may either bring a packed lunch (in a named, sealed box or bag but no glass bottles, fizzy drinks or cans please), or they may take a lunch provided by our contracted caterers in our dining hall. We monitor the meals provision closely.


A healthy tuckshop run by children operates at certain times of the year selling fruit, rice cakes and other healthy goods. Children are informed when this is running and may bring a named purse containing 50p for use at the tuck shop.

Dinner Money

School dinners are provided by Pabulum. Please note that all dinner monies must be paid in advance. Payment for dinners can only be made online.


The school cannot be held responsible for failure of payment. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient credit each day in order for your child/ren to be provided with a school dinner. If funds are due to go into arrears in the next 2 days, the school office sends an email. On the day before arrears, the office will make one attempt to phone the first contact if dinner money is not provided. If any funds are in arrears, another email is sent out. Payment must be made in the morning of the following day or your child/ren will only receive a basic snack.

Free School Meals

We know that some families may be reluctant to enquire about eligibility for free school meals but we want to ensure that any child entitled to receive them can do so in an easy and discreet manner. Children are not identified to their peers as being in receipt of free meals. Anyone who feels their child may be entitled to free school meals should apply online. The child does not have to take school dinners, but it is very helpful to the school if all eligible pupils are registered.

Special Food Requirements

You can view and download a copy of the lunch menu which includes allergen information for each dish using the link below and scrolling down to select Churchfields Junior School.


If you have any queries, please contact a member of the Pabulum team on 01252 819 991 or

School Dinner Registration

All children eating school dinners must be registered on:

ParentPay – Please follow these links for more information on ParentPay: ParentFlyer and Parent User Guide.

To avoid any arrears, please register online and check your balance regularly.

What can my child eat in a packed lunch?

We continue to encourage children to bring healthy packed lunches; this means no chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks.

Is there water to drink?

Children can bring in a bottle of water to drink in class. Bottles should be taken home each week to be washed or recycled to keep the water and bottle clean and healthy.


All around the site, in the playground and field there are water fountains and Mr Coleman cleans these each day with a anti-bacterial wash.


At lunch-time there is water and milk available on the counter and on the table by the salad cart.

What is the festive Christmas Dinner?

The children enjoy an extended lunchtime, with carols playing, and each teacher serves the meals for their class. The choices are traditional turkey, halal turkey and a vegetarian option, and every child receives a cracker.


Usually, all children take part and enjoy a special festive meal even if they usually eat a packed lunch. If your child does not usually have school dinners, please complete the dinner menu slip and pay £3 online for this special festive meal. Check on the school calendar to see when the special dinner is happening each year. It is a fun time, with all pupils and staff joining in the festivities!

What food is suitable for your child at break times?

We would appreciate your help with food at break times as we want to have a healthy school. Children can consume fruit and vegetables in the playground – chocolate or biscuits should be avoided.


Plastic containers holding water can also be brought into school, but children cannot bring in glass bottles or fizzy drinks. Sweets and crisps are not allowed at break time.

Nut Allergies

Children must not bring nut or nut based products into the school. Several children in our school have serious nut allergies and protocols are in place to protect them.


Children are not allowed to bring in birthday treats to share with their class, this includes biscuits, sweets, party bags, chocolates or cakes.

Nut allergy