10th June 2024

Ross Welford Author Visit

Ross Welford Author Visit

“On Friday 3rd May, the well-known author Ross Welford visited Churchfields Junior School. He did a very exciting whole school assembly where he showed us his hidden talent – magic! After that, he held separate workshops with the Year 5 classes. In the workshops he explained how the art of imagination is as important as the actual writing. He also explained how to write an exciting paragraph. In the end, we all had the beginnings of very exciting stories!”

By Yasmin, Year 5


“He gave us some spectacular tips when writing stories, such as always start with action. If you cannot think of action, then start with speech. Ross Welford started our three paragraphs with about seven words. An example is ‘suddenly, I knew exactly who could help’. After the tips, he let us read our stories out loud, and he was really happy with our writing.”

By Anna Cox, Year 5


“Ross Welford visited our school recently. He is a famous author who has written books such as The 1000 Year Old Boy. He was very funny and showed us all magic tricks in the assembly. Afterwards, all of our Year 5 classes were lucky enough to get a writing workshop with him!”

By Milan, Year 5