11th March 2019

Reuse, Repair, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle

Reuse, Repair, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle

Our Eco Committee have been continuing to drive change and raise awareness of environmental issues this month. They have chosen 3 topics and created an Action Plan on reducing Waste, Litter and increasing Biodiversity.


Last month, the Eco Committee devised a survey and visited the hall to find out why some pupils are throwing food in the bin. The pupils were pleased to find that most children finished their lunch. To incentivise the few who throw food away (because they made the wrong lunch choice or want to go and play), the kitchen now only serve puddings to pupils who have finished their main meal. This has reduced the amount of food waste at the end of lunch time and the Eco Committee will return to the hall soon to monitor change.


The change to fruit and vegetable snacks has almost eliminated litter in the playground but the Eco Committee are not stopping. They will be monitoring litter on Fridays, when the tuck shop is open, and are planning to participate in the Great British Spring Clean by Keep Britain Tidy.


This month, the Eco Committee promoted the RSPB Birdwatch and completed a School Watch too.


Next month, they will launch their new Eco-Code in an assembly, welcome Dr Bike who can repair your child’s bike on 20th March and learn about ‘What’s Under Our Feet?’ before finding new ways to increase biodiversity at Churchfields.