10th December 2023

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

As is tradition, our school came together on Remembrance Day to remember all those who have given their lives in British history. The ‘Time Travelers’ Pupil Leadership group  led the day by gathering at 11am and laying a wreath.


“Remembrance Day is a celebration of soldiers who fought in war and who sacrificed their lives so we could live free. We pay our respects during Remembrance Day. After we held our two minutes of silence, I read a poem called ‘The Unknown Soldier’.”

By Mila, Year 5


“In our Time Travelers Pupil Leadership group, we discussed how Remembrance Day is an important event and on this day we care and think about those who sacrificed themselves to make our days happier. During Remembrance Day, we all had different roles, such as reading out poems and dialogues. My role was laying the wreath which showed our respect and that we care. We also never turned our back on the wreath as that would be disrespectful.”

By Jasper, Year 6