16th October 2017

Record Breaking CPR training

Record Breaking CPR training

On Monday 16th October all of year 6 were very fortunate to receive CPR training at Great Ormond Street hospital, as part of ‘European Restart a Heart Day’. A hugely successful event last year, the aim was to train as many children and adults as possible in how to carry out CPR, as well as using a defibrillator. Over 150,000 people were trained last year and it is hoped this year the record was broken.


During the event, children heard first hand from those who had suffered from cardiac arrest, before taking part in their training. They learnt how to give CPR to infants, children and adults, as well as how to prevent someone from choking. It was an extremely successful day, where we all learnt a great deal. We would like to thank the children for setting an excellent example outside of school and we would also like to thank the parents for their support on this trip, as without parent helpers, trips like these would not be possible.


“I really enjoyed learning how to do CPR and the instructors were very helpful. It was hard work and required lots of concentration. It is an extremely important thing to know, as anyone could have a heart attack.”