22nd July 2023

Reading Challenge at Redbridge Libraries

Reading Challenge at Redbridge Libraries

Thank you so much for all your support over the past year at Churchfields and what a wonderful year it has been. It has been amazing to see the levels of engagement with reading across the school and the culture that has become embedded within Churchfields and I would like to extend a huge thanks of gratitude to all of you for making that happen and being so diligent in reading with your children and signing reading records. Over the summer holidays there are a couple of challenges/ competitions that I would like to share with you which your child may be interested in participating in. They are completely optional, but hugely beneficial and it would be fantastic if we have lots of children complete both.


At Churchfields we are passionate about children’s reading and would like to promote the summer reading challenge which is taking place in libraries across Redbridge. Below is the key information and the website which has more details. It would be great if as many as our students as possible take part in the challenge and bring us your certificates to show us all the amazing reading that you have been doing. In addition, if you can show us at Churchfields that you have read over 5 books from the library over the holidays you will also receive a prize from us.



Calling all super kids aged 2-12 years.

Come and take part in a new reading challenge at Redbridge Libraries from 15 July to 9 September, where YOU get to decide how many books you read.

Read whatever you enjoy and come and tell us about your favourite things to read!

We’ve got thousands of books and comics for you to discover this summer at your local branch or from home in our virtual library.

We’ll also have loads of cool people to listen to you read and chat to you about what you are reading.

When you finish the challenge you’ll get a certificate and be entered into a prize draw.

Sign up for FREE at any Redbridge Library.

As well as reading, writing is also a great way to pass the hours in the summer holidays and the National Literacy Trust has teamed up with Good Housekeeping to run a competition over the summer holidays.  The theme is Christmas and children will win £100 book tokens as well as getting their writing printed in December’s edition of Good Housekeeping. Parents will need to enter through the website provided below. If you could also email the school with your entries as well so we know who has entered and have our own prize draw in school as well that would be great.


There’s nothing like creating a story to set children’s imaginations free and get them to put pen to paper. To enter, we’re asking parents or guardians to send us their child’s story on the theme of Christmas. This is a chance for children to let their creativity run wild and come up with something really original and exciting.