29th December 2018

Rapunzel’s Wish

Rapunzel’s Wish

This term, every pupil at Churchfields Junior School was treated to a performance of ‘Rapunzel’s Wish’ at the Drama Centre, next to our school. Read the quotes below from some of our Year 3 and 5 pupils to find out all about it!


‘When the witch came, I jumped! I wasn’t expecting her to come out of the mirror – or Rapunzel’s bed!’

Sofia Y3


‘We all enjoyed the dancing! It was really funny when they mixed up the music and they were dancing to the wrong songs!’

Rosie Y3


‘Buster was really funny! When Rapunzel was trying to teach him how to write he didn’t do it properly.’

Grace Y3


‘It was enjoyable to let the audience join in with the ‘hand drier’! Everyone joined in and enjoyed it – especially in the scene when they went to McDonalds (although Buster started doing the floss!)’

Aaliyah Y5


‘There was a grouchy old lady who kept saying ‘I see…’ in a funny way and everybody laughed every time! We also had a treat – ice cream!’

Balkaran Y5