22nd June 2023

Ran at the London Youth Games Sailing

Ran at the London Youth Games Sailing

“On 24th of June, I competed in the London Youth Games sailing. I was in the 8-12 year old H10, Hartley 10, boys group. The games started about half an hour late, so each of the children only had 4 races instead of 6. First and second round, I got 4th place and the third race, I got third place. Sadly, on the 4th race I got the 3rd to last place, but it is good they take away the worst scores and compare with the highest scores for judging.


For the first race, I tried to keep up with the first 3 and succeeded to keep my place! Yippee! 

For the second race, I had to do a penalty at the start for going 1 second before I was supposed to, then I got jammed with 2 other boats. Luckily, I sped between many boats and gained a 4th place. Again. 


For the third race, I started a bit late, but all the boats in front of me were getting jammed together, so I sped into first place. Unfortunately, 2 people behind me raced ahead and made me 3rd place. At least it is better than 4th place!


On the last match, it was a total failure. The wind changed direction then stopped, and so we changed the starting point which made me very confused about the course with no wind. That was how I came 3rd to last place on the last match. You always have bad times sometimes…


After that, I was exhausted, so I sat for a while in the shade. Then came the results. I never knew I could win a bronze medal when I was the youngest child there. A few minutes later, Jeff my sailing coach came over and described me as a dark horse which I learnt later that, it meant like, you do an unexpectedly good showing.”

By Ran, Year 4