12th January 2020

Pupil Leadership – Digital Leaders Talk

Pupil Leadership – Digital Leaders Talk

The Digital Leaders are a group of pupils who have an extra level of enthusiasm and skill with computing at Churchfields Junior School. Many of them plan on joining the IT industry when they leave school and university, and they are always eager to learn more about potential career options.


This month, we arranged for Dr Sastry, Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at King’s College London, to visit Churchfields Junior and speak to the Digital Leaders about his career in computer science. Dr Sastry spoke about AI in the home and how Amazon’s fulfilment centres use algorithms to increase efficiency. 


The Digital Leaders were ready with some challenging questions which led on to Dr Sastry exploring the security issues surrounding smart speakers, how Amazon workers complete orders and what a typical day in the life of a computer scientist is like!


We would like to thank Dr Sastry for taking time out of his busy career to inspire the computer scientists of tomorrow!