14th April 2016

Public Speaking at Woodbridge


Public Speaking at Woodbridge

A few weeks ago, my class visited Woodbridge High School for the Annual Public Speaking Competition. When we got to the school we went to the hall. We were seated in the front row and then the debating began!


First of all, someone spoke to us about the topic of homelessness. He told us facts and information about people living on the streets and also that he had met a homeless person himself whom he walked past every day on his way to school. He encouraged us to stop and speak to people who are homeless (only when we are with an adult) as it might make a positive impact on their day.


The second debate was about ‘designer babies’. A girl told us that by changing the genes in a baby, you could make the child taller, shorter, fatter, thinner or even more intelligent! She tried to persuade us that it wasn’t a good idea to do this, because you are changing someone’s personality and uniqueness.


Another debate was about refugees. This was very interesting as the girl said to us “Imagine you had everything you wanted, but one day bombs suddenly started to drop and you had to flee from your home and belongings.” She asked us how we thought we might feel if we lost our loved ones or our homes. This was very powerful and made us think deeply about this topic.


The final topic for debate was smoking. A boy spoke to us about the dangers of smoking and he gave us information about the fact that the ingredients in cigarettes are the same as the ingredients in nail polish and hairspray! I found this quite shocking and so did my friends. I really enjoyed my morning at Woodbridge High School and can’t wait to have a go at debating myself! I found the topics really interesting and thought about them a lot when I got home.



Year 5