6th November 2023

Primary Autumn Run

Primary Autumn Run

“In the cross country we had at least two people in the top six every race. In each race there were about 250-300 people. I won a medal for being the third fastest in Year 6. It was a very enjoyable day to run. Thank you to the hosts of the event, and to Mr Joseph and Mrs Bradley us, along with all the parents who came to cheer us on!”

By Frankie, Year 6


“I had to sprint at the start and when we reached the forest point I had to sprint as fast as I could. Near the end, others were catching up with me and we were neck and neck, but I eventually came third.”

By Fred, Year 3


“I went to the park to take part in a one mile run. I was really tired after the run. I could not believe I came first. It was really cool. I loved the run so much. During the run I started fast, slowed down in the middle, and then sped up at the end. My favourite part of the day was when I received my gold medal!”

By Kya, Year 3


“The distance of the run was 1,600m. We ran across grass, gravel and tarmac and through a park. The best part of the day was hearing all the parents cheering us on!”

By Lucy, Year 3