10th February 2023

Poems by Medhaswi

Poems by Medhaswi

Medhaswi in Year 4 has been busy writing poetry. Here are a selection of her poems:


Walk to School

Walking to school is so much fun,
It’s time to talk and skip and run!


On my way, I see a car,
Why don’t they walk, it’s not that far!


Walking to school is an easy solution,
Avoiding cars and skipping pollution!


Walking will give you health,
And if you have health, you will have wealth!


Walk to school everyday,
Especially in the month of May!



The Naughty Dog

There was once a naughty dog,
Who really needed a hard flog.


He didn’t let people talk in the streets,
Or even cheerfully walk.


Even when on his lead,
He would go and cause big mischief.


He used to go and scare people out of their wits,
They would have to watch for the sharp teeth of his!


People would run around,
Around and around on the ground,
Whenever he approached,
And when he did that they would scream and shout, “Call Mrs Roach!


Mrs Roach was the animal controller,
And the dog really really loathed her.


Now we’ll say goodbye to that dog,
And hope he won’t need another flog!



Summer Joys

The sky was cloudless,
The grass tickled my feet,
Was there a better day
To enjoy the summer heat?


Rabbits hopped, plants grew,
Bees buzzed, birds flew.
They didn’t run away, made me part of the crew.
I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do!


Time ran and joy filled my soul,
In the distance I saw a little foal.
I didn’t want the moment to end,
Next time I could perhaps bring a friend!


My heart desires,
I have grown so fond,
I hope summer won’t be long
Then I can go again to visit the combe!



The Majestic Lion

The majestic lion is the king of the jungle,
When he walks, all you hear is “Rumble, rumble.”
While he strides, all stop to look at him,
And his eyes widen slightly just by the rim.


But when he is angry, he is something to fear,
The slightest sound of an animal won’t escape his ear.
All the colour drains out of the animal’s frightened face,
It’s just him and the afraid animal and he starts the chase!


The lion can run as fast as a hare,
So he can run quickly back to his lair.
But to go near him, an animal won’t dare,
If it did, well it would not fare!


The lion is at the top of the food chain,
It survives in the Savannah, where it won’t rain.
Maybe sometimes he will stay in the plain,
But he is short for sure, much shorter than a crane!


The lion for sure is great,
It would get 10/10 on a rate,
Sometimes it is a blaze of fire,
If it catches you for a snack though, the consequences will be dire!



The Zoo

When I went to the zoo on a winter’s dawn,
I saw a koala, a tiger and a fawn.
One snored, the other roared and gnawed its teeth,
But the fawn didn’t think that was any great feat.


The long-necked giraffes smiled at me,
While munching leaves at the top of a tree.
They were so dignified, so slow,
That I wanted to shout, “Go, go, go!”


The white handed gibbons went as fast as they could,
They wouldn’t stop playing, they never would.
The gibbons were playing so hard they didn’t see me,
I said, “It’s like the traffic lights are always on green.”


The elephants lifted their great trunks with a grunt,
But one just hid there and didn’t join in the fun.
The lion snapped their giant, piercing teeth,
They were hungry, were we something to eat?


We fed the goats with lush, green leaves,
Some pushed the others, to get the yummy feed!
The polar bear swam with all its might,
Playing with a big red ball, as if it would never have a night!


The time was so enjoyable, so pleasing,
I would always love animals, never ceasing!
I want to go again to the worlds oldest zoo,
And replay my experience, that’s what I’ll do.



The Fabulous Funfair

If you go to the funfair, it will be the best,
Better than the play park, better than the rest.


Riding on the drop tower ride,
Is always really fun,
But if you don’t like heights,
You won’t look at it; you’ ll just run!


The twisty turny helter-skelterIs not the one to miss
It’s races you down as fast as lightning
To whoever will take the risk!


Now we’ll go to the ferris wheel
It gives a spectacular panorama
But the rare speed, mind you,
Might not give any drama.


I always go to the dodgems
I invariably try to dodge them,
But always in vain,
Though I do get a gain.


I love the funfair, I feel so delighted there,
Some of the rides are made to dare,
Because there is a happy air there!