22nd January 2018

Playing with Fire and Phones

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire and Phones

As we entered the large room, inside the Redbridge Drama Centre, lengthy white tubes had been connected to form a cube, my friends and I were left curious  but excited. As we sat down two women appeared, they put on a brilliant spectacle.


The concept of the show was about mobile phones, how they are not toys but tools. My favourite part was when Jane (a new phone owner) was just getting on with her daily life but I and my classmates noticed how many times she checked her phone, it was hysterical but meaningful.  We miss out on our lives by constantly checking our phones.


This drama also showcased the dangers of texting. Trudy and Jane were threatened by malicious texts, to resolve this they headed straight to Jane’s dad. This showed us how serious the police take offensive texts and how important it is to tell an adult.


Overall I think this show has made a huge impact on me, making me think about the ways I use my phone. I have learnt that my phone does not come close to being the most important object in my life.


Sephora, Year 6