As a high achieving, outstanding school, we are committed to excellence across the curriculum and are ambitious for all pupils in our school. We aim high and our greatest achievement is that Churchfields is a place where everyone loves learning.


Our achievements include:


  • Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera
  • Eco Schools Green Flag Award with distnction
  • Arts Mark Gold awarded on five consecutive occasions
  • Recognised by the Minister of State for schools for our excellent performance in English and Maths
  • Gold medallists at London Youth Games
  • Premiership Football National Finalists 2018 and 2019
  • School Games Mark Gold Award
  • National Tutoring Programme Research Champion
  • Music Mark School
  • STARS gold accreditation for promoting active travel to school
  • British Gymnastics Partner School
  • Healthy Schools Award

Churchfields Junior is delighted with the outstanding attainment and high numbers of children making better than expected levels of progress. The school works very hard to ensure every child achieves their very best.


This chart shows 2019 attainment at CJS compared with national averages.  Pupils at Churchfields Junior School consistently achieve results significantly higher than national averages.


The government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year. The last available public data is from the 2018 to 2019 academic year. It is important to note that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.

National Average

Expected standard for Y6

Performance - National average

Reading 73%

Writing 78%

Maths 79%

Spelling & Grammar 78%

Combined 65%

Churchfields Junior School

Expected standard for Y6

Churchfields Junior School logo portrait white

Reading 95%

Writing 99%

Maths 96%

Spelling & Grammar 92%

Combined 93%

National Average

Higher standard than expected for Y6

Performance - National average

Reading 27%

Writing 20%

Maths 27%

Spelling & Grammar 36%

Combined 11%

Churchfields Junior School

Higher standard than expected for Y6

Churchfields Junior School logo portrait white

Reading 48%

Writing 53%

Maths 57%

Spelling & Grammar 63%

Combined 30%

The achievement of pupils is judged to be outstanding as attainment currently across the school, in KS2 tests and historically is significantly above national averages and other local schools. The percentages making and exceeding expected progress compares strongly against national averages over the last five years.  Progress is currently outstanding and has never been less than excellent in the last five years.


Pupils are challenged in all lessons and in all subjects and as a result Churchfields Junior School pupils have some of the highest academic results in Redbridge.

The primary school performance tables provide information on the achievements of pupils, how they compare with other schools in Redbridge and in England as a whole.

Financial Information

No school employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.
See Schools financial benchmarking website for more information.