3rd May 2021

PE – Orienteering

PE – Orienteering

All classes are currently learning orienteering in PE. Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both the mind and the body.


The aim is to navigate between points marked on an orienteering map. The children use their map to find kites hidden in the school grounds, ticking off each point when they locate it. Children need to use map skills, communicate effectively with their partner, and problem solve as they race around the school field, obstacle courses, fort and cricket pitch.


With the sun now shining, the children are enjoying being outside, getting exercise and competing to find all the kites first.


Orienteering is a unique and enjoyable experience based on navigating to certain points on a map. It’s purpose is to increase your navigation skills in a certain amount of time. This skill can prove to be very useful in some scenarios. It is loved by many people. Our power to mentally solve day-to-day problems increases due to this activity.

By Darius, Year 6


Orienteering is where you have a map and a numbered grid. There are points on the map, each with their own number which corresponds with a number on the grid. Each point has  a control flag.

By Frank, Year 6