12th January 2020

Parliament Week

Parliament Week

This month has certainly given everyone a lot to think about in terms of politics. To mark UK Parliament Week the School Council gave a whole school assembly, examining the UK Parliament, explaining the role of MPs and how they are elected – very topical as it came soon after the General Election was announced. They also looked at how the Government works and the role of the Opposition.
Since the assembly, all year groups have been debating issues related to the UK Parliament and General Election in PSHE.


Year 6 have been discussing the question: ‘Should 16 year olds get to vote?’ After some great debating the combined votes of Year 6 classes currently stand at 46% Yes 54% No.

Year 5 looked at the large numbers of eligible voters who did not vote in the last few elections (and the EU referendum) and debated the question ‘Should it be illegal to not vote?’ Their combined votes currently stand at 23% Yes 77% No.


Year 3 and 4 discussed ‘What is the biggest issue MPs need to sort out?’ After looking at what the issues adults say most concern them (in YouGov surveys), they had their own chance to speak their minds. As with upper school, there were many well argued points and it was excellent to see the children listening to each other and re-examining their views. The climate emergency and education have come out as the top issues for lower school children so far, with the NHS, Brexit and crime also of concern.

No doubt there will be much more to discuss over the coming weeks!