NumBots helps pupils to add and subtract numbers. If you notice that your child is counting on their fingers, or they cannot quickly recall answers to simple addition or subtraction, such as 7+8, or they need to use column addition or subtraction for small 2-digit addition like 12+ 25 then NumBots will help them.


Develop fluency gradually

NumBots has been cleverly designed in a way to gradually develop fluency and can help to make a big difference to your child’s maths. They can now access Numbots using their Wonde login.


As with any programme like this, developing a routine to gradually work through the levels will achieve better results than occasionally playing for long periods of time.


If your child has an additional need

If your child is using NumBots, but they have an additional need, which means they require more time to answer the questions, please contact the school by email and we will change the settings to give your child more time.