10th December 2023

November 2023 Sports Report

November 2023 Sports Report

“During the tournament, I felt full of beans! I felt so prepared! Unfortunately, for our first match we lost 3-0, but the next match we played we won! That gave us brilliant confidence and for our next two games we won! After that, we went for a break. We found out we were through to the semi-finals and I was buzzing and so were my team mates. Now we were in the semi-finals. We played Bancroft, and we almost scored. Then it got intense. I took a free kick and hit the goalpost, and they scored. The final whistle blew and unfortunately we lost 1-0. We were devastated but we came third and we will win next time!”

By Misha, Year 6


“Last week the Year 5 and 6 girls football team had a tournament. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but they came still came third. However, on Wednesday 15th November, the Year 5 and 6 football team had a match after school. As well, on the 24th November the boys had another football tournament.


In the boys’ tournament, we won 4-0 against our opponents, with a good performance from both teams. However, Churchfields came out on top. Another tournament was arranged for 21st November.”

By Henry, Year 6


“The girls’ result in their football tournament was fantastic! I can’t wait for the next boys’ tournament to start!”

By Lucas, Year 4