6th April 2024

Newshounds Articles – March 2024

Newshounds Articles – March 2024


By Anika in Year 4


  • 2024 Chinese new year animal zodiac is the dragon
  • This festival is also called the Spring Festival
  • The name spring festival was proposed by the Chinese president Yuan Shikai
  • Around one fifth of the world celebrates Chinese new year
  • China follows the Lunar Calendar
  • The animal is chosen between 12 animals who competed in a race
  • Biggest festival in Asian culture
  • This festive new year takes place on 10 February and lasts for 15-16 days
  • People celebrate Chinese new year to remove the old and bad away and welcome the new
  • On Chinese new year’s eve, a huge banquet is held, similar to a Christmas dinner
  • Children receive a red envelope containing money
  • It originated 3,500 years ago



By Tyler in Year 4


The new season of Formula One (F1) started three weeks ago, kicking off in Bahrain. The F1 competition is an international motorsport racing championship. It has been going for 74 years and each season consists of several races known as Grands Prix. F1 has its roots in the European Grand Prix championship of the 1920s and 1930s. It has recently become a worldwide phenomenon and is now hosted in 24 countries. Some locations are truly amazing such as Monza, Miami and Austria. My personal favourite circuit is Las Vegas because of the views of the Vegas strip. The teams consist of some of the world’s best cars and drivers ranging from Max Verstappen who drives for Red Bull to Lewis Hamilton who drives for Mercedes. 


Fun F1 facts

  • The fastest ever speed recorded in a F1 race is 231.5 mph.
  • Each team has between 300 to 1200 members.
  • The youngest ever British racer is 18-year-old Oliver Bearman.
  • The sound of a F1 car is 130 decibels.
  • Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher both hold the record for winning the most grand championships with 7 wins each.