5th February 2024

Newshounds – 150th Anniversary

Newshounds – 150th Anniversary

The Newshounds, one of our pupil leadership groups, have written some articles about our school. Read on to find out some fascinating facts!


Three Churchfields Schools
Reporter: Jashan, Year 5


“The year 2024 is an incredibly special and important year for Churchfields Junior School.  This is because it is our school’s 150th anniversary.  The school was built in 1874 and amazingly survived two world wars.


When the school was founded by the government in 1874, Churchfields School consisted of two schools, the boys and a combined girls and infants. Over one hundred years later, the design and construction of a third new school building was approved in 2004 although construction was delayed until 2009. The old Junior School was demolished in 2011. The nearby Redbridge Drama Centre is sited in the building that was part of the original school.”


Upcoming Events
Reporter: Lora, Year 5


“This year is the 150th anniversary of our school. We have many exciting events based on this topic throughout the year. Here are a few of the events! First of all, there was the school anniversary disco on 27th January, where the PTA served refreshments. Over the first few months of 2024, every class will get to visit the Ragged School Museum. On 22nd March, we will all be dressing up as Victorians for the day. We will all be dressed as Victorian children. On 3rd May there will be a PTA Quiz Night, and on the 24th May there will be a whole school photo. This will give the whole school the opportunity to be in one big photo!”


6 Churchfields Facts
Reporter: Leonard, Year 4


  1. On the 5th of January in 1874, Churchfields school was opened to the public. Originally two schools, they consisted of the girls school and the infants school joined together, while the boys school was separate.
  2. In 1878, the girls school separated from the infants school.
  3. In 1937, the boys school and the girls school were joined together.
  4. In 1974, on the school’s 100th birthday, the new infants school was opened and in 1975, a nursery was built.
  5. In 2009, a new junior school was constructed.
  6. In 2011, the old junior school was demolished. Redbridge drama centre is the only remaining part of the original school.


Industrial Revolution
Reporter: Aaditya, Year 4


“In the 19th century there was something called the ‘Industrial revolution’, where technology evolved and children, men and women had to work. The industrial revolution started in 1700s and finished in late 1800s. In 1844 the Factory Act was passed, and the government decided that children should go to school until they were nine and they were not allowed to work. At the age of 10 they were forced to do labour.”


Churchfields History Quiz
Reporter: Tyler, Year 4


  1. When was Churchfields School founded?
  2. How many children were in the school when it first opened?
  3. Who was the monarch of England when Churchfields first opened?
  4. How much did pupils pay when the school first opened?
  5. When was the Junior school rebuilt?
  6. When did the nursery first open?

Thank you for completing my fun history quiz. Hope you enjoyed it.


(Answers: 1. 1874, 2. 99 (63 boys, 36 girls), 3. Queen Victoria, 4. Between 1d and 9d per week (equivalent to £2) until 1891, 5. 2011, 6. 1975)