Beyond the National Curriculum

Technology in the 1800s

When our school opened in 1874, the first children to step through the doors were living in a tremendously exciting world.

Interview with the Head Teacher

Interviewing Mrs Emeny by Freddie Cogger

Time Travellers- 150th Anniversary

The Time Travellers, one of our pupil leadership groups, recently gave an assembly to the school to talk about our 150th anniversary.

Newshounds – 150th Anniversary

The Newshounds, one of our pupil leadership groups, have written some articles about our school.

Young Voices at the O2

On Friday 19th Feb Churchfields Choir (Years 4, 5 and 6) travelled by coach to the O2 to perform with 8,000 other children from 30 different schools.

Ragged Museum Trip

To celebrate our 150th anniversary, all classes will be visiting the Ragged School Museum.

Maria’s Kung Fu

“Kung fu (also known as gong fu or Wing Chun kung fu ) is a Chinese martial art of which I have been learning since the age of 4.”

Year 5 Islamic Centre Trip

“At the Islamic Centre, we first got to take a look around the boy’s prayer room, for that was where we were the whole time.”

Year 4 Pedestrian Training

“Today we had pedestrian training. We learnt how to cross the road safely. There are lots of places to cross the road safely, such as pelican crossings.”

Medhaswi’s Poetry

“My name is Medhaswi and I write many poems. I usually publish my poems on an amazing website called Poetry Zone.”

Bibi and Liliana’s Musical Theatre Classes

“Since I was a little girl I have always loved singing, dancing and putting on shows for my mum and dad.”

Year 6 Christmas Carol Performance

Year 6 visited St. Mary’s Church this month to perform their annual Christmas carol concert.

Azaan’s Volunteering

“As well as being a proud advocate in Churchfields Junior School I am also an active volunteer in my community.”

Year 5 First Aid Workshop

“Today, I learned about the ways to help people who need medical assistance.”

Maria’s Letter to the Prime Minister

“As a member of the Eco-Committee in Pupil Leadership, I have taken the initiative to write a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Rishi Sunak.”

Year 3 Visit to Neasden Temple

As part of their RE topic, Year 3 visited Neasden Temple. Some of our Year 3 pupils recount the trip.

Year 3 Diwali Performance 2023

Year 3 had fun learning Bhangra dancing which originated in the Punjab region of India.

Parents’ Maths Workshop

Year 4 Times table workshops have taken place this month and it was great collaborating with parents on how best to support our pupils on their journey towards being successful mathematicians.

November 2023 Sports Report

“During the tournament, I felt full of beans! I felt so prepared! Unfortunately, for our first match we lost 3-0, but the next match we played we won!”

Junior Travel Ambassadors – The Walking Bear

“We have the walking bear to encourage people to walk to school happily with the bear so we don’t have pollution in our fields or alleyways.”