Beyond the National Curriculum

Misha’s Football

Hi! My name is Misha, and I am 10 years old. I am in 6H, and I love football. I support Arsenal FC and play for Buckhurst Hill girls under 11’s.

Choir Competition

“For the last two months, Mrs McNamara arranged children from all year groups and created a wonderful choir. “

Ana and Noah Fundraising

“My brother and I decided to organise a bake sale to raise money for a children’s charity group called the LemonAid Boys.”

Teacher Training

Churchfields is recognised as a school which has outstanding teaching, and we often have the opportunity to share our teaching experience with others, such as trainee teachers.

Ross Welford Author Visit

“On Friday 3rd May, the well-known author Ross Welford visited Churchfields Junior School.”

Year 6 Gurdwara Visit

We went to the Gurdwara in Barking for a school trip. We had this trip because we have been learning about Sikhism in our R.E.

David Wilkinson’s Visit

As part of our 150th anniversary, our school is making connections with former pupils in many different ways.

Year 5 Bake Muffins

In Mr Wilkins’ D&T lessons we made muffins. The first one we ate in school, and the others we took home to show (and share with) our parents and family.

Maria Climbing

Since the young age of about 8 years old, I have had a passion for climbing. To this day, it’s still a hobby of mine.

Sports Report – April 2024

“I feel we played well. If we hadn’t had our team we would have lost because our team was the best team ever!”

Year 4 watch the LSO at the Barbican

“My class (4B) visited the Barbican Centre before the Easter holidays to see and listen to the world famous London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).”

Spring Run

On Thursday 18th April, sixty-four Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils participated in the Spring Run.

Ethan and Stevie’s Football Adventures

“Early in the morning in March, me and my brother Steven, along with our mum and dad, travelled to Gatwick airport where we met our team. The time was 4.30 am and excitement filled the air.”

Woodford Green Cross Country

On 8th March, Churchfields were invited to the Woodford Green Preparatory School cross country event at Woodford Green.

School Council City Hall Trip

The School Council Pupil Leadership group recently visited City Hall.

Maggie’s March Festival

“In March, I took part in two performances, and I am extremely grateful to be part of them.”

Year 6 Jorvik Viking Workshop

Year 6 recently had the opportunity to have an online workshop with guides from the Jorvik Centre in York. This was part of their history topic of the Vikings.

Year 4 at Tower Bridge

“When we got to Tower Bridge, almost straight away we learned many amazing facts, such as that Tower Bridge was built around 130 years ago.”

Year 3 at the Science Museum

“We went to the interesting Science Museum for a school trip. When we got there, I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Year 3 Visit Walthamstow Wetlands

Year 3 recently travelled to Walthamstow Wetlands as part of their science topic of plants.