22nd July 2022

Music at Churchfields

Music at Churchfields

Last month, the Department for Education released A National Plan for Music Education (see link below) in order to support schools achieve their vision for every child in the country to be able to access music education which teaches them skills in singing, learning an instrument and creating music. Included alongside A National Plan for Music Education are a selection of case studies providing examples of good practice and different pathways for schools to strengthen music provision. Churchfields Junior School is one of five primary school case studies included in this document – something we are all incredibly proud of. 


Music is an integral part of life at Churchfields with corridors always filled with the sounds of children singing, playing instruments or listening to repertoire drawn from various cultures and musical traditions around the world. All pupils learn a variety of instruments from string, woodwind and brass families throughout their time at Churchfields and we also offer individual music lessons in a range of additional instruments. Pupils take part in weekly singing assemblies, where they sing a range of songs in 2 and 3 parts, as well as weekly listening assembly, where they critically listen to a pieces from different periods of musical history. We are proud to be such a musical school and cannot wait to see what new musical adventures await us in the next academic year! 




If you child is interested in having individual or paired music lessons at Churchfields Junior School sign up here https://visionrcl.org.uk/theatre-and-music/redbridge-music-service/music-service-sign-up/