9th March 2018

Mother’s Day Sale

A big thank you to the PTA

Our Mother’s Day Sale on Friday 9th March 2018, gave an opportunity for each child to buy a ‘secret’ Mother’s Day gift.


“The gift was hardy and my mum was overjoyed,” said Matthew 6Wk.


“My mum loved the smell of the bath box set,” commented Olivia 6Wk.


“I got my mum a compact mirror to use with her new makeup set, to save her having to go upstairs to the mirror,” said Jayden 3B.


“I feel that it was so beneficial because children often do not get the chance to go to the shops on their own and the prices meant I could use my pocket money,” Evelyn 6Wk.

“It gave me the chance to get my caring mum a present,” said Louisa 3B.