17th October 2022

Meeting the Mayor of London

Meeting the Mayor of London

On Friday the 29th of July 2022 I met the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Little did I know at the start of the day that this would also be my chance to be on National television. That morning I woke up nervous but also excited. By the time I was leaving, I could no longer contain my nerves.


From the second I arrived at Elmhurst Gardens I spotted many things such as: cameras, journalists, councillors and of course my friends.


While we all waited for our chance to speak to Sadiq Khan, we rehearsed our thoughts. Only moments later did we get our chance to speak to him but I was ready. When it did come to be my turn, I spoke clearly in a way that I knew he would be able to understand the importance of what I was saying. First I shared my questions with Sadiq Khan.


My questions were: ‘Are we still on track to clean our air by 2025 because your policies said in February 2020 that we could do it within five or six years?’, ‘What is, ‘achieve net-zero by 2030 and cut congestion?’ and ‘Will we by 2041 ensure that 80% of all trips in London are walked, cycled, scooted or by public transport? The most interesting answer I found from Sadiq Khan was his reply to my third question, which was, “Well yes and no because we had a bit of a hiccup after the pandemic when everyone started getting back into their cars again but now we have seen some changes so hopefully it will stay on track now.” Once the questions were over, I spoke to him about my thoughts and what our school does to help the environment to ensure we’re Eco friendly. After we all had finished sharing our thoughts and questions, the only thing that remained was to get his autograph so that I would never forget this day.


The next thing to happen took me by surprise… the BBC approached us and told us they were going to film us. First they filmed us playing on the swings then they interviewed us for BBC News. When it was my turn to speak, I spoke about air pollution and highlighted the importance of the ULEZ zone.


All afternoon I waited for my chance to be on BBC London News and then I saw myself. It was the interview, I was so happy my part had been included. This day had been full of emotions and surprises which made it the best day of my life.


Erin, Year 6


On the 29th of July I went with a group of five Year 6 children and my head teacher to see the Mayor in the local park. I thought it was going to be the Mayor of Redbridge but it turned out to be the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The Mayor was there to discuss air pollution in Elmhurst Park because there is a machine that measures air pollution there. The machine was put there by some mums that were worried about the quality of the air since the park itself is right next to a busy road. We were all very lucky that we got to speak to the Mayor and ask him questions. When I asked the Mayor “What do you do to help the environment and do you organise litter picks?” he answered it brilliantly. My mum and baby brother Eoin got asked questions by a BBC journalist and I was on the NEWS! Sadly, they didn’t show the part where I was speaking to the BBC journalist but they did show two of the other children from Churchfields and at least I was on the news. Finally, I got the Mayor’s autograph and a picture with him. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think I might even like to be a journalist when I am grown up now.

By Luke, Year 5