1st January 2024

Medhaswi’s Poetry

Medhaswi’s Poetry

“My name is Medhaswi and I write many poems. I usually publish my poems on an amazing website called Poetry Zone. It is a website for children to publish their own poems and it was set up by poet Roger Stevens. It has many competitions and I entered one recently. The prize was a signed copy of ‘Who Let the Words out’ by Joshua Seigal. I absolutely wanted to win this, as I had entered a competition before and been ranked ‘runner up’ with my poem ‘The Zoo’! The topic was ‘autumn’ and so that is why I wrote my winning poem.


A few weeks later, I was absolutely astounded to be told that I had won the competition. Below is another of my poems!”



Merrily strolling into school

Waiting for it to start

Every day is an adventure

Even if I feel quite smart!

The grinding of the sharpeners

Pupils groaning for an age

Scratching of the pencils

Writing on a page!

Squeaking of the whiteboard pen

The clever teacher talking

The smacking of someone’s feet

Them getting up and walking!

The clock slowly ticking

Everyone starts to complaining

The pitter-patter

O it starting to rain!

People shouting and talking

The thudding of the ball

The squeaking of the trainers

Happiness for all!

By Medhaswi