3rd May 2021

Maypole Dancing

Maypole Dancing

This term all classes have enjoyed learning Maypole Dancing.


Children had to learn prescribed sequences focussing on the patterns made by the ribbons. They used changes of speed, direction and level and had to display balance and control of their body; as well as demonstrating good spatial awareness.


Lower school pupils were introduced to Circling, which then progressed on to Ropes, Silkstream and the Barber’s Pole.


Year 4 children learned Chrysanthemum, and Year 5 children learned Twister, Cobweb and the Easter Plait. 


The Easter Plait was first performed in the village of High Easter in Essex. It creates a 3-ribbon plait by dancing a ‘hey’ or ‘reel’ weaving pattern.


Year 6 were also successful in creating the Single Plait. This dance creates a closed plait around the pole and is produced by the dancers weaving around the circle. It was a huge challenge, but one in which they succeeded!