22nd March 2016

Mayor of London replies

Mayor of London replies

Boris Johnson sends a personal response to our School Council questions


Churchfields School Council

C/o c.wellings@churchfieldsjunior.com

Our ref: MGLA030316-6582

Date: 16 MAR 2016


Dear Churchfields School Council


Thank you for your email of 2 March following your visit to City Hall.


It is always a pleasure to hear from school groups when they have enjoyed the visit and I am glad that you found it I also appreciate you taking the time to put your questions to me and my answers are below.


  1. Why do you not want to be the Mayor of London anymore?

I am honoured that the people of London made me their Mayor in 2008 and again in 2012. I have always said this is the best job in the world, and I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to do it.

However, in a vibrant global capital city such as London, I believe that it is important that the leadership role evolves and develops. In 2008, I pledged to only stand for two terms.


  1. Does any of the London budget go to charity?

I am patron of both the Mayor’s Fund for London and the Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians.


The Mayor’s Fund for London exists to give young Londoners the skills and opportunities to get a decent job and escape the threat of poverty and play a full part in London’s future.


The Mayor’s Music Fund is an independent charity providing grants of around £400,000 every year to enable thousands of children and young people across every London borough to develop their musical potential, through 4-year Scholarships and with opportunities to learn from and perform alongside professionals.


Further information about the work of these charities can be found through the following links: www .mayo rsf undforlondon.o rg.uk and www .mayorsmusicfund.org/.


  1. What was your favourite thing about being the Mayor of London?

There are so many parts of this job that I have enjoyed – highlights include cutting council tax; revolutionising our creaking transport infrastructure; making our streets and homes safer; working with business to create over 100,000 apprenticeships for young people; and of course delivering a truly great legacy after the success of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


  1. Why is most of the budget spent on Transport for London?

Every day around 24 million journeys are made across our public transport network and our city is growing fast, so it is extremely important that income is available to reinvest to run and improve services. London needs a transport system that connects people to jobs and allows people, goods and services to move easily within and through the capital. Around 3.1 million more people – and over 1.4 million more jobs – are expected to live in Greater London by 2050. This will lead to millions more trips each day, so it is important that we have the money to keep the city moving and making sure the transport network is safe, reliable and fit for the future.


  1. What was the most stressful part of your job as Mayor?

Being Mayor or London is a very, very difficult job and a very, very big job so it can often be stressful. However, it has been an enormous privilege.


  1. What was the hardest decision that you ever had to make for London?

There are over eight million people living in London, making it the biggest city in western Europe. It is part of my job to make decisions that ensure that London is a safe, clean city for everyone to live in, work in and visit, and to ensure there is a great public transport system for everyone to use.


I cannot say any one decision is harder than another, but with my planning powers I get to decide which new big building projects can go ahead in the city, and these decisions can be difficult to make.


  1. Will London have a firework display on New Year’s Eve this year?

Planning for New Year’s Eve 2016 is already underway and this will include the annual Fireworks display. I look forward to watching it.


  1. Who would you choose as the new Mayor of London?

I hope that Zac Goldsmith MP will succeed me as Mayor of London.


  1. What is your favourite part of the City Hall building?

One of the other loveliest parts of the capital is the view from my office window. The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the City, Canary Wharf and the giant treble clef that is the Orbit visitor attraction in the Olympic Park. There is no better view in the world.


  1. Do you regret any of the decisions that you have made as Mayor?

Not yet!


Thank you again for writing to me and good luck with your studies. Yours sincerely


Boris Johnson

Mayor of London