6th February 2017

Maths SATs Preparation

Miss Harris teaching

Maths SATs Preparation

We want to tell you about useful information on how your child can prepare for their KS2 mathematics SATs whether they are in Year 5 or 6, using resources available on the school website at http://bit.ly/MathsY56CJS.

Resources to help with Maths in Year 5 and 6

For Year 6, there are topic boosters and past papers with video tutorials to help target specific weaknesses. For Year 5, there is a mini-maths (less than 5 minute) video for every day of the year to help establish a daily routine and thinking-outside-the-box puzzles.


Pupils who have used the resources in the last couple of years have said how it has helped them understand and be more successful in their maths.


The resources can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones via the website. If you need any further help, then do speak to our class teachers.

Poster - Tablets, laptops and phones

How to Find the Resources

Maths Resources