2nd September 2017

Maths mastery

Maths Mastery

On Thursday 28th of September, Year 3 parents were invited to attend a parent workshop for maths. The presentation gave parents a guide on how their children are taught maths in the Junior School, how this differs to their previous education and what strategies to use at home.


Parents were very willing to try questions that their children might face in class and even had a visit from their children part-way through in order to try some questions together.


The enthusiasm and willingness to embrace the Singapore methods of teaching maths was fantastic to see and parents were keen to learn more.


Ms Cooper, our Maths Lead, would like to remind and encourage parents to use the school website to view videos which explain methods of teaching used for maths. They provide clear and step by step guides and are well worth using at home with your children.


Visit https://churchfieldsjunior.com/learning/maths/maths-videos/