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Woodlands Resources Interactive Maths Games and Activities

Here is a great place to play a range of exciting games to help you with your multiplication and division knowledge, such as car racing games and number puzzles to solve.

Grand Prix game
Times Tables Rockstars logo

Times Tables Rockstars

Class Teachers provide username and passwords to access this online programme for times table practice that is both effective and motivational. When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – bursts of daily practise using these games are more effective than spending hours once a week. We want all of our pupils to have great recall of the times tables and high confidence in order to make excellent progress in mathematics.

Times Tables Rockstars
Topmarks Maths Games

Topmarks Times Tables Games

Topmarks Times Tables website has a collection of fun games where you can practise your times tables, as well as test your knowledge of factors and multiples in exciting scenarios such as under the sea!

Topmarks maths game
Topmarks Maths Games

Hit the Button

Hit the Button is a quick fire times table game, whereby you have to find the correct answer to multiplication questions and hit the correct button! You can choose to focus on certain times tables, or have a mix of them all.

Topmarks Hit the Button

This website is brilliant place to practise your times table recall! Questions pop up on the screen and you have to type in your answer as quick as possible! Challenge yourself to a mix of times tables, or choose certain ones to work on.
Detail of sorting and classifying shapes game

Sorting and Classifying Shapes

How well do you know your shapes? These games require you to identify the properties of different shapes and drag them into the correct groups.

sorting and classifying shapes game
Mostly Postly maths game

Mostly Postly

Using the weighing scales on the screen, practice identifying what the different scales show in order to accurately tell what things weigh.

Maths app game
Maths Chase logo

Maths Chase

Can you avoid being caught by the chaser? A large range of maths problems from, timestables, division facts, adding and subtracting, completing the sequence, place value and balancing maths sums.

Maths app game