Maths Challenge

Maths Challenge is an initiative aimed to raise the profile of times tables, promote positive attitudes towards maths, improve children’s mental calculation skills and their knowledge of the number system. Each day, time is allocated at the beginning of every maths lesson for the teaching, learning and rehearsing of times tables and number facts, through whole class chanting and the use of the counting stick. Towards the end of the week, pupils will then have a chance to put their understanding to the test, by attempting one of the Maths Challenge sheets independently.


When completing the multiplication and division questions the children are given a set time, dependent on their year group. The question sheets are named: Starter, Bronze, SilverGold, Platinum and Diamond. Each stage has 4 different question sets, allowing for all times tables to be covered. These all require knowledge of times tables up to 12 x 12 and get progressively harder.


The aim of Maths Challenge activities is to fully embed the knowledge of times tables and their related number facts, providing clear understanding of the number system and also developing excellent recall of times tables, which supports understanding of further maths concepts. Children challenge themselves to improve their personal best each week, whether by moving onto a harder question set, or by completing more questions correctly. Each child is expected to complete all 4 question sets correctly before progressing to the next challenge level. Each week, the child’s score is recorded in a table in the back of their books, to enable the child to see and celebrate their own progression. All children’s names are displayed in the classroom on the appropriate named challenge level.


Maths Challenge takes place in all classrooms across the school, which provides consistency in the way we approach times tables and related number facts.

Stairs with math calculations

How Maths Challenge Work

Once a week, children are given a set of questions to complete in a given time, dependent of which year group they are in.
The question sets vary in difficulty: Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and each colour contains 4 sets of questions.


In the Maths Challenge time, a timer is displayed on the interactive whiteboard and the children answer as many questions as they can in the time given.


If a child completes them all, they record down the time from the interactive whiteboard onto a record sheet in the back of their book.


All children then mark their answers from a set answer sheet and their mark is also recorded in the back of their books.


Once all 4 sets of questions have been correctly completed in the given time, children progress onto the next difficulty set.


Each week the children try to beat their personal best, whether that is a time or a score.


In each classroom there is a Maths Challenge display board, where all children’s names are displayed on the colour there are currently working on. When a child moves onto a different colour, they receive a certificate to celebrate their progress!

Playing Time for Different Year Groups

Year 3

  • 4 min

Year 4

  • 3 min

Year 5

  • 2 min

Year 6

  • 2 min


This grid requires the children to know their 2x, 5x and 10 x tables.

Maths Challenge Starter



This sheet requires children to know their 2x – 12x tables in order.

Maths Challenge Bronze A


Maths Challenge Bronze B


Maths Challenge Bronze C


Maths Challenge Bronze D



This sheet requires children to know their 2x – 12x tables in a mixed order.

Maths Challenge Silver A


Maths Challenge Silver B


Maths Challenge Silver C


Maths Challenge Silver D



This sheet requires children to know both multiplication and associated division facts up to 12 times 12.

Maths Challenge Gold A


Maths Challenge Gold B


Maths Challenge Gold C


Maths Challenge Gold D



This grid requires the children to use their number facts associated with the 2x – 12 x tables. For example, the children know that 4 x 3 = 12, therefore they can calculate 0.4 x 3 = 1.2, as it is 10 x smaller and 0.4 x 0.3 = 0.12.

Maths Challenge Platinum A


Maths Challenge Platinum B


Maths Challenge Platinum C


Maths Challenge platinum D



This sheet progresses on to include multiplication and division of fractions.

Maths Challenge Diamond A


Maths Challenge Diamond B


Maths Challenge Diamond C


Maths Challenge Diamond D