2nd April 2023

Sports Team Match Reports

Sports Team Match Reports


This month was a very busy one for our Year 5/6 boys’ football team. They began the month with an emphatic victory over Nightingale Primary.


Churchfields Junior 15-0 Nightingale Primary

Churchfields Junior 8-0 Manford Primary

Churchfields Junior 23-0 Wanstead Church School

Churchfields Junior 6-0 John Bramston Primary


The match against Brampton was a more difficult game but the boys again showed determination, respect and perseverance which led them to victory.


Every player in the team played a major part to the team’s success. From those that played in the games to those who had been a part of team training sessions, each individual should be immensely proud of their accomplishments.



Our girls’ netball team competed against Nightingale Primary this week in a home game. They played valiantly and narrowly lost to their opponents. Thank you to the many parents attended to offer their support, and the girls demonstrated excellent team skills and enthusiasm.


Churchfields Junior 13-15 Nightingale Primary