4th July 2019

Marvellous Media Days

Marvellous Media Days

Year 6 had the amazing opportunity of taking part in a media day at the Redbridge Drama Centre this month. Pupils were given a range of roles and tasked to produce their own news show based on a day in the life of a Churchfields pupil. There were several exciting roles on offer, such as: sound engineer, camera technician, TV presenter and director.


It was an excellent chance for pupils to demonstrate collaboration, as they had to meet and discuss how they would meet the brief, before splitting off into smaller groups to begin the production of their set, writing scripts and organising running orders.

After a few practice runs, pupils completed a live broadcast of their show. All of the pupil broadcasts are available to watch on the school website, under Media Day Videos.


We would like to say a big thank to the Redbridge Drama centre for putting these workshops on offer; it is something the pupils thoroughly enjoy.


“I was the assistant director and my main job was to help organise the TV presenters in constructing their scripts. I also had to make sure the floor managers designed the set, as it was supposed to be. During our broadcast, I was responsible for choosing which camera came up on the screen. It was great day and I enjoyed working as a team to produce a live recording.” George Year 6.