1st January 2024

Maria’s Letter to the Prime Minister

Maria’s Letter to the Prime Minister

“As a member of the Eco-Committee in Pupil Leadership, I have taken the initiative to write a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Rishi Sunak. I wrote to him about the positive effects that Churchfields Junior School has made to help climate change such as: installing solar panels, using less electricity, recycling, planting lots of plants and ponds. I asked Mr Sunak to install solar panels in underprivileged schools.


I wrote to him last week in order for him to have time to think about it for the COP 28 summit (Conference of the parties) which is taking place this week. The COP28 summit is a meeting between 28 countries which have committed to make good changes for the world. This year it is being held in Dubai to discuss oil and gas deals with more than a dozen countries. This special time will take place from 30th November -10th December 2023.


Therefore, I have received a kind response from the Correspondence Officer saying that he is,’ most interested to read about this’ and  he has sent a copy of my letter to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as well as the Department of Education so that they are,’ made aware of the matters I have raised’.


I am thoroughly excited to see if these changes are implemented.”

By Maria, Year 5