10th June 2024

Maria Climbing

Maria Climbing

Since the young age of about 8 years old, I have had a passion for climbing. To this day, it’s still a hobby of mine. I find it interesting how a  climbing wall has various multicoloured knobs to place your feet and hand to reach the top. Usually, you need more upper-body strength to climb but the placement of your foot is important too. You can go to parks (I would recommend the Fairlop Waters country park) or centres to wall-climb.


The thing I enjoy most about this sport, is that sometimes there are challenges to face when you can’t yet reach the top such as placing a limb in the wrong place etc.


But you’ll get there eventually so just keep trying.


Overall, I think that wall-climbing/rock-climbing is a great sport if you want to be entertained and best of all: to have fun!”

By Maria, Year 5