12th December 2018

Magnificent Mandir

Neasden temple

Magnificent Mandir

After finishing their Hinduism topic, Year 3 had the wonderful opportunity to visit Neasden Temple – a magnificent Mandir in North London. Travelling by bus to the temple, the children were amazed when the beautifully carved building appeared into view.


Once inside, the children learned about the construction of the temple and why it is an important building for Hindus throughout not only London but the world. After, we were luckily enough to witness a traditional Hindu prayer ceremony followed by a question and answer session. One student said that the building was one of the most beautiful that they had ever seen, whilst another commented that the trip brought everything they had learned at school to life.


A big thank you to all parents who volunteered to help and the parents who accompanied us on the trip. Without your time, we would not be able to enjoy trips like this one.