2nd May 2023

Maggie’s Exciting Day

Maggie’s Exciting Day!

“I have been practising singing for many years and hope that one day I will become a professional singer. On Sunday 26th March, I participated in a 3rd  festival for young musicians called “Over the rainbow”. 


It was so exciting to be with my friends and watch the amazing children show their unique talent.


This rainbow tree has all the participants’ names written on  balloons. I also was on stage and sang a beautiful song called “Colours of the wind”.


The final concert of the festival was in London, and I had so much fun! The concert was for 3 hours, which is long, but I love hearing music from musicians all around the world. There were people from Bulgaria, Germany, Morocco,  Italy, Holland, and United Arab Emirates. 


There were so many children that play instruments like piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, harp and singing songs.


My singing teacher, Rosi, was one of the organisers for this wonderful event. She is so kind to all her students. 


I won a few prizes: a wooden statue and two certificates. One of the certificates said I was in the festival, and the other one said my performance was the most heart-warming in the second group.


I really enjoyed being there and singing on stage, and I wish I could do it again, but there won’t be another one until next year.”

By Maggie, Year 5