26th April 2016

M & M Theatre Production of The Wizard of OZ

The Wizard of Oz

M & M Theatre Production of The Wizard of OZ

On Tuesday 19th April, we all went to see a production of The Wizard of Oz in our school hall. As we entered, all the lights were out and our hall had been transformed into a theatre! There was a backdrop at the front of the hall and everything was dark.

We could see the actors on stage and it was really exciting.


There were four actors in the production who played all the different characters in this classic story. There was also voice overs and recordings played throughout the production, as well as sound effects and music. The main character was called Dorothy and she had become lost in a land called Oz.


The play was all about her trying to find her way home. I really enjoyed the lighting that changed colour when different characters were on stage; every time the Wicked Witch came on, everything went green and dark, which was a bit spooky. It was also fun listening to the actors singing songs, and we were all allowed to clap along with the music.


My favourite part of the play was when the characters went to the Wicked Witch’s castle; I liked this bit because it was a bit different to everything we had seen in the play so far. There was lots of shouting and cackling as well as spooky lighting, and it was entertaining to see. Don’t worry though; there was a happy ending to the play as the main character, Dorothy, managed to find her way home to Kansas City. I really enjoyed the play and would recommend it to a friend.



Year 4