2nd April 2023

London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican

London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican

Year 4 recently visited a cultural icon, the Barbican, to watch a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra.


“When we arrived at the Barbican tube station, we started to sing! We left the train station and walked over a bridge, and then we entered the Barbican we went to sit in our seats. We were all really excited to see a real live orchestra right in front of our eyes. We listened to lots of George Gershwin’s songs. It was breathtaking.”

By Mary, Year 4


“We went into a big room with the orchestra at the front. There wasn’t just us, there were lots and lots of schools! A lady told us all about George Gershwin’s life.”

By Bibi, Year 4


“We saw an orchestra. We listened to amazing music, we had lunch and then we went back to school.”

By Sonmachi, Year 4