1st August 2019

Litter Pick to Look After Our Local Area


Litter Pick to Look After Our Local Area

This half term in Science, Year 3 have been learning all about the environment and in particular the impact litter has on it. We focussed on our local area and the ways in which we can help keep a clean, safe environment. As part of this, each class has taken part in a litter pick at either Churchfields Park, Elmhurst Park or the local area.


Armed with bin bags, gloves, litter pickers and some keen parent volunteers we made our way over to these parks and began our pick. The children worked tirelessly on the litter pick and showed a huge amount of respect for the environment as well as enjoying tidying up the local park.


I really liked picking up lots of rubbish because it helps the environment.


I really enjoyed it as I got a chance to help our planet with my friends.