21st December 2022

Liliana in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’

Liliana in ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’

Hi, my name is Liliana Kapinos. My love for musical theatre started when I was 6 years old. Every Monday after school my mum would take me to Redbridge Drama Centre. There I started learning singing, dancing and acting. I thought my acting career would start when I grow up but little did I know that it would start when I was as young as 9 years old!


One day as I was playing at home my mum asked me if I wanted to audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat UK Tour. Of course, I said yes. On Friday after school, I had my first audition on Zoom. We had to sing the first few lines of Benjamin Calypso and tell a joke. I was surprised how quickly the results came back, because I was told I had a recall later that evening. The second audition was in person. We had to sing the same song, but we also met our Dance Captain/Choreographer. We learnt the dance for Go Go Go Joseph and performed it. Afterwards they asked us to wait with our parents in the waiting room and 20 minutes later I was told I was through to the finals. The last audition was in the same place. We had to do everything we did in the second audition, but we also had to sing the Butler/Baker part from Go Go Go Joseph. A few days later I was told I was offered a role. That meant only one thing – rehearsals, here we come!


We started the rehearsals in June. On the first day they taught us a few dances and songs. We were not told our roles and teams until a couple of weeks later. We were split in 4 teams: Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange. I was put into Yellow team. During the second week of rehearsals, we met the kids who were already in the show. The rehearsals were intense but a lot of fun. There was a lot of talented kids there. The last week we spent time making sure everything was as neat as possible. 


And finally, the tour!


My first venue was Bristol. Firstly, we did a few tech and dress rehearsals there. I had my costume fitting and learnt how to ride a camel tricycle. I had a few very quick changes during the show, as I was playing several roles. I felt very nervous before my opening night, but the old kids said once you’re on stage, you forget all worries and just focus on what you need to do. This is exactly what happened. It was amazing! It was like a dream coming true. I couldn’t sleep that night because of the excitement.


During the tour I was staying in hotels and sharing a room with another girl from my team (Yellow) or a girl from Orange team. It was always 2 teams on tour at the same time. Every show we were either on stage or standby where we were also singing from the booth. We had a similar daily routine. We would wake up at 8:45am and have breakfast. After breakfast we had tutoring until 12pm, then lunch and more tutoring. On two-show days we were going to the theatre straight after lunch, have a warm-up and then go to the dressing rooms to get ready for the show. The evening shows finished at 9:30pm. After coming back to the hotel, we would eat some snacks and call our parents. After that we would shower and go to bed. The days were very busy. On Fridays we had the afternoon off and would go to a museum, a park, or a cinema.


I made good friends on tour and was very sad when it was over. The last show was very emotional, and everyone cried afterwards. On the last day we had a party, took some photos with the adult cast and they signed our programmes. I’m planning to keep it all in my memory box along with all the merch and presents I got. I hope I can see all my Joseph friends at the Christmas reunion. But for now it’s back to learning and polishing my singing, dancing and acting skills.