At Churchfields Junior School we are incredibly proud of our library and it is the beating heart and the centre of school life. We have a fully trained librarian who is in the library every day from 9.00am until 12.05pm. From 8:30 am, we have trained pupils from Years 5 and 6 from our Bookworms Pupil Leadership Group to run the library and allow children to change books before school starts.

Our Library Books

The library is incredibly well stocked with thousands of titles and it is arranged in line with our innovative Reading Express system. All books are organised alphabetically within genres and we are constantly updating with new and exciting literature and ensuring there is diversity within our books and authors.


Fiction Books

The library contains only fiction books, with high quality non-fiction texts being kept within the classroom. This is to ensure every child reads a range of fiction as we truly believe like JK Rowling said: “that something magical can happen when you read a good book.” Additionally, we have a special section for Year 5 and 6 children to challenge their reading skills and book choices through a Higher Standard section designed specifically for them.

library_librarian and child

Take Out Books

Every day, children who have finished their book and had this confirmed by either a family member or teacher can go to the library and change their book. They simply place their current book in the returns post-box, take their signed reading record up to the library and choose a new book which is then scanned onto their account using Junior Librarian; this also helps us track the titles currently on offer in the library and ensure we know which books children currently have.

Book Reviews and Recommendations

We have many books arranged in a Waterstones style display, outward facing to ensure our library is inviting and easy to navigate. The librarian and bookworms have an in-depth knowledge of the books, regularly recommending books to other members of the school.


Interactive Displays

Within the library there are also interactive displays to inspire children. The library is a real opportunity for children to talk about and love books with the chance to write book reviews and recommend books for others which are kept in the library. The result is a real love and pleasure for reading across the school where every child has the chance to access high quality fiction books from a range of genres and remember as Ron Weasley famously said about Hermoine When in doubt, go to the Library!

Reading Express

Reading for pleasure is actively encouraged and is a part of every child’s educational achievement. The Reading Express has been designed and implemented to build on extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts with the aim of making huge contributions to students’ educational achievement. It celebrates the importance of reading as a pleasurable activity in its own right.

Our Library Team

Mrs Satilmis