6th April 2024

Lennie’s Short Story Success

Lennie’s Short Story Success

Lennie in Year 4 recently wrote short story, Sir Joey Giraffe The Great, which successfully passed the first round of the BBC 500 competition, placing it among the top 5,000 stories out of 100,000 entries.


Here is Lennie’s story in full: 


Sir Joey Giraffe The Great 

By Leonard 


This story is about an ordinary giraffe called Joey Giraffe. He is twelve years old and has what everyone has – a Nintendo Game Boy… 


But that was 14 years ago. Now it’s 2008. Joey works as a police officer in Mayfair.


Anyways, let’s get back to the story bit. There was a screech and everyone looked out of the windows but no one noticed anything out of the ordinary until they climbed onto Joey’s head which popped through the roof of the police station. They saw a robber getting into his car with five bags of money. 


“Stop thief!” yelled Joey, crashing through the humongous door made for him. Hearing this, the burglar skidded into Hatchards, with books falling into his car boot. Joey sprinted after him using his acrobat skills to jump over the bricks while the panic stricken police officers still clutching his head screamed. Suddenly, the robber pressed a button and ten springs activated.The car hurtled at Joey so he kicked it into space and the car bounced harmlessly off of the rocky surface on the moon and into a paradise for crooks, prison. 


The very next day, Joey was invited to come to Buckingham Palace. Outside, stood the Queen in a bright pink coat with her husband, Prince Philip. 


“Come in!” beckoned Philip, instantly realizing the mistake he’d made. Joey ducked under the door but smashed the roof above him.


After collapsing several rooms, he finally made it to the Queen’s room where a golden candle encrusted with diamonds was lit and a bronze sword sheath lay.


“Ah yes,” said the Queen, “I think it’s time to knight you don’t you think ?” She took an iron sword out of the case. One by one, she gently tapped the sword on his ears (don’t forget, she’s too high to tap a giraffe’s shoulders). If you ask Prince Harry (who was there), he’d tell you that story as well.


Warning: if you see Sir Joey, do not call him Joey. He only likes it if you call him Sir Joey.