17th October 2022

Leila at the ABRSM Musical Workshop

Leila at the ABRSM Musical Workshop

On Tuesday 13th September I was lucky enough to visit the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in central London to participate in an ABRSM musical workshop and scholarship awards ceremony. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was how grand the venue was. It felt too posh for me because of all the extravagant paintings, statues and chandeliers. There was even a beautiful, golden grand organ built in 1722!


I was curious about what they had planned for us for the next 3 hours because this was my first time joining an event like this. Once our parents left they allocated our seats on the stage and split us all into 4 groups. These were: percussion, strings, wind and the complete orchestra. We then got to work composing a piece of music that had never been heard before. In our groups we created short pieces which were all joined, layered and repeated until we had a strong composition. Our pieces were called ‘what the future holds’, ‘rainbow’, ‘inside a black hole’ and ‘our little groove’.


I learnt a very interesting fact that the speed that soldiers march is 120 beats per minute. Our composition started slowly and picked up the pace until we got to that speed. It sounded upbeat and lively.


After 3 hours of practising and eating snacks, we were ready to perform our masterpiece. I was a bit shy and was worried that I would forget my part, but I didn’t, which gave me a sense of triumph.


After our breath-taking performance we were awarded our certificate, signed by the London Mayor and photographed with ABRSM’s first Artistic Director, Alexis Ffrench.


I’m so grateful to have had the experience. It made me feel proud.

By Leila, Year 5