8th October 2023

Krushna and Karuna’s Bike Ride

Krushna and Karuna’s Bike Ride

“On Sunday 3rd September 2023, we took part in Cycle 4 Sewa (a charity fundraising event) at Redbridge Cycling Centre.


Our aim was to cycle as many laps as possible and raise money for charity. My sister and I cycled a total of 28 kilometres in just two hours. We asked our friends and family to sponsor us for this charity fundraising event. Since our time fundraising at Cycle 4 Sewa, we have raised over £8000 for a fantastic charity called Sewa UK. The money raised will help children to get life changing surgeries that will help them to live better. We are proud to support this charity and help other people. It makes me feel determined to take part in more charity fundraising events and to make positive changes to other people. We did get tired cycling towards the end, but we were both determined to carry on and keep going, so we did! We loved taking part and we are looking forward to taking part again next year! 


After cycling, we enjoyed eating delicious food and jumping on an enormous bouncy castle. Over one hundred people came together to raise money at this cycling fundraiser, the atmosphere was joyful and fun throughout the whole day! We were awarded achievement medals and certificates for our hard work of cycling all those kilometres and fundraising.


We can’t wait to participate again next year at Cycle4Sewa 2024! You are all welcome to join us!”


By Krushna and Karina, Year 4